A Quick Look on How SEO Can Help Your Business

A Quick Look on How SEO Can Help Your Business

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Visibility is important for any business, and if you’re trying to strengthen your company’s online presence and to drive visitors to your website, you need a strong SEO strategy.   

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of guidelines which makes it easy for search engines to match your site with potential customers. A good SEO ranking would enable your site to appear higher on the search engine results page (SERP). This is crucial because the websites that appear as one of the top results usually get 31.7% of all clicks.  

To help you understand why you need SEO for business, we’re itemizing the 3 main benefits below.  

1. Organic search accounts for the majority of website traffic. 

organic search

With 68% of online experiences starting with search engines and more than half of website traffic typically coming from organic search, it’s clear that to capture the attention of your prospective clients, you need to have a prominent place on the SERP.   

It’s important to note that Google is the leading online platform used for search. Having 63% of the market share, ranking highly on Google SERP is a priority. However, you shouldn’t neglect other search engines, like Bing, and Yahoo!. The customers using these may still be valuable to your business. 

2. It’s a cost-effective strategy to build valuable traffic base over time. 

According to 2019 Databox survey, 70% of marketers believe that SEO is better than paid traffic for driving not only website visits but also sales and long-term growth. Users who have arrived at your blog organically are most likely more interested in what you have to offer, since their search for a particular solution, product, or service led them to your website 

This helps foster a stronger and more meaningful connection between your site and your customers. SEO can help boost sales since 76% of users look up a business online before visiting and a high percentage of this leads to a purchase. 

3. It helps build trust and credibility. 

seo builds credibility

Optimizing your site for search engine results depends on the amount of time you put into optimizing your site: the more time and effort, the better the results. This may sound like a lot of work, but if your website ranks higher than the competition, the results will make undergoing the requirements to rank well worthwhile 

This then translates to higher trust and better credibility for your site, which in turn, can make it an authority that other sites will link back to, further boosting your SEO ranking. 

Just to give you an idea, establishing your site as an authority means accruing elements such as the valuable content, optimized user interface and web elements, and positive user experience. 

Boost Your SEO Ranking with Hello SEO 

Hello SEO offers SEO services for business owners. They identify key issues on your website and offer solutions that can boost your SERP ranking. They do this by scanning your website for potential SEO issues and generating an SEO report to show you the improvement your website needs. They then start correcting the SEO on your website and provide you with a dashboard so you can easily monitor traffic, rankings, and other metrics.

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