Website SEO Audit: Your Site’s Search Engine Report Card

Website SEO Audit: Your Site’s Search Engine Report Card

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If you are new to running a website or an online business, you probably aren't too familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and how important it is for your site to rank high on the search engine results page (SERP). You may be trying to figure out why your website can’t seem to rank any higher and why you are not achieving the online traffic that you want. Fortunately, there’s a way to find out what’s keeping you from getting the results you’re hoping for. You can do a website SEO audit. 

What Is a Website SEO Audit? 

Through a website SEO audityour site’s performance in search engine results can be evaluated.

With a full SEO audit, you can come compare your website’s performance against that of your competitors and discover ways through which you can improve your site. You would also be able to get an overall idea of your website’s SEO efficiency, which is important for a high SERP rank and for enabling your target audience to discover your website easily. Lastly, an SEO audit can help you set future expectations for your site’s performance. 

What Does a Website SEO Audit Check? 

A website SEO audit performs a comprehensive check of both the content and structural components of your site, so you can expect it to identify issues on the following: 

  • Technical Audit 

    Site loading speed

Search engines use algorithms to deliver high-quality results to users. These algorithms, serve to reduce the appearance of low-quality, spammy sites on the SERP.  

Technical SEO also covers mobile SEO. This is something you should take note of, since Google tends to reward mobile-friendly sites with better SEO ranking. 

Other aspects covered by a technical audit are indexation, security, and site loading speed.

  • On-Page Audit 

Besides the technical details, your site’s content is also evaluated in an SEO audit. This includes looking into your site’s content structure, keyword use, heading tagsinternal linking, meta data, and images and videos used. 

  • Server Log Audit 

Server log audit checks to see how frequently in which the search engine’s bots and spiders go over the pages of your website. The more frequent the crawlers’ visit, the quicker your pages get indexed and your optimization efforts take hold.  

Audit and Fix Your Website With Hello  SEO 

If all this sounds a bit too technical for you, don’t worry. There are online services available today to help you audit your website’s SEO. One of them is Hello SEO. 

Hello SEO audits your website. It scans your siteidentifies SEO issues, and then fixes the issues and helps boost your ranking. 

Better SEO ranking leads to better visibility and more traffic 

Let your customers find you. Get in touch with a representative Hello SEO today. 


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