Local SEO Statistics That Every Business Owner Should Know

Local SEO Statistics That Every Business Owner Should Know

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEOcan be a powerful tool that businesses can make the most out of to target their most viable customers and establish a local following. 

What is Local SEO and Why is It Important? 

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Standard SEO targets a general and global audience. Local SEO, by contrast, optimizes your business to make it more visible on a local scale.  

This method enables local businesses to promote their goods and services directly to the communities in their immediate surroundings. This, in turn, can lead to more frequent in-store visits and an increase in revenue, not to mention more consistent and regular customers in your business’ locale. 

To be visible, business owners should take proactive steps like claiming and optimizing their local business listings, creating locally targeted content on their website, and regularly responding to both good and bad reviews.  

Local SEO Statistics 

Business owners should know that 46% of queries have local intent, implying the relevance of local searches. Here are other local SEO statistics that you should know: 

  • 72% of users who conducted a local search made an in-store visit within five miles of their current location  
  • 97% of users learn more about a local business through online searches 
  • There has been a 900% increase in mobile searches for “____ near me today/tonight” within a span of two years 
  • 76% of users who do a local search often end up visiting a business within 24 hours of their search, and 28% of these visits resulted in a purchase 
  • 60% of users who conduct a search via smartphone have contacted a business using the search results 
  • 92% of searchers choose businesses that are on the first page of local search results 
  • Four out of five consumers do a local search to find local information using their smartphones or computers. Up to 54% conduct a search to find a business’ local store address, while 54% search for business hours. 

Growing Your Business with Local SEO

In such a competitive marketoptimizing your business for a local search will make you more likely to be found by potential customers online. 

Dealing with local SEO can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re running a business at the same time. Hello SEO is a great SEO service for business owners who want to improve their website’s SEO and grow their business. They improve your website’s SEO and your Google search ranking. Hello SEO also submits your website to major search engines, thereby increasing your visibility.  

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